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ROK straps Brazil sponsor of Temet Nosce-World Bike Ride

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Read this review of Ari Henning about our Motorbike straps, published in
Motorcycle Magazine

Warm welcome to our new importer in Mexico.

Our Mexican importer LE DUE ROUTE is bringing the ROK straps products to the Mexican market.
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Warm welcome to our new importer in Brazil.

Our Brazilian importer Dordmond Import & export has made a briljant video over ROK straps. The video will be showed on the Brazilian TV in January. Please have a look at this video by clicking the following one of the two links

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ROK Straps review, TeamZilla Tested

Sullivans Inc. is now a national distributor of ROK straps
for the motorcycle market.

Their three locations, Hanson,MA, Bessemer,AL, and Reno,NV assure timely deliveries to stores from coast-to-coast.

March 22nd first container arrived at ROK Dominicana

ROK's new production plant in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic will soon starts its production

ROK straps not only for motorcycles . .

ROK straps have been our must-have motorcycle gear for years. This year they're also helping us get cookies over a plane flight and through to grandma! Thanks for such a great product, we can't recommend them enough.
Happy holidays,
Matt Stroshane, Seattle, WA

ROKstraps review in November issue Motorcycle Magazine

Rob Dingman, the publisher of Motorcycle Magazine published by the American Motorcycle Association wrote this article. It shows that ROKstraps are really crucial for motorbikers.

AMAZING: 8 years old strap looks like new

From Stephanie Gan at BHH International Pte Ltd in Singapore.

"We have a customer who has been using ROKstraps for 8 years. We were so impressed with how good the old straps were that we exchanged a new set of straps for them so we could show customers how good ROKstraps are even after 8 years of use. They are still as good as new! ROKstraps are an awesome product. Good quality and reliable!"

8 year old strap

Ventus launches its new Website:

Our master importer for Europe & UK, Ventus Innovative Products, launched their smashing website to show the ROKstraps products. Please have a look and pay special attention to their different Point of Sales products, which make them, together with the quality products of ROKstrap, very successful in the market. Also have a look on Facebook.


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ROKStraps on Facebook

ROKstraps can be found now on several Facebook pages. Please have a look at the pages of England, Canada, Slovenia and Japan. ROKstraps importer Ventus has already over 3000 likes.


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